Educated people with good jobs living in a great place

The people of the tri-state Chattanooga region have a long term vision, that the 16 counties that make up our home thrive for generations to come. We see educated people with good jobs living in a great place.

But how do we get there?

The Regional Compass is our guide, the action tool that grew out of our three year, citizen driven Thrive 2055 planning initiative. We will use it as we chart our journey toward a prosperous future.

Regional Economic Development

Our goal is simple, to work together with the people of this region to create new jobs not only for today, but for our children's generation and beyond.

We will elevate our presence on a global and national scale, and develop a strong, regional brand to attract and retain business and industry.

Education & Training

If we are to achieve our highest potential, our region must focus on transforming the way we prepare our people for the jobs of tomorrow. With a growing gap between job openings and the number of candidates eligible for those jobs, we must work to improve the way we train our workforce.

By building internship opportunities between schools and businesses, and making college credits easily transferable around our complex tri-state region, we will take small steps to build a prosperous, stable job market and an educated workforce.

Regional Transportation

Moving people and products most efficiently around our region is of high importance to both quality of life and the productivity of our business community. Focusing on key transportation initiatives that affect us regionally is a breakthrough for our tri-state region.

We must continue the conversation with our state and county neighbors' transportation planning organizations and work towards identifying innovative solutions to future transportation needs.

Natural Treasures

The people of our region have expressed a strong desire to do what we can to preserve and uphold the natural treasures that make our home so special.

We will work with the citizens of our 16-county region to identify priority areas, where community efforts should be focused on protecting these treasures.